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Bronze Package

This package would be suitable for children, family, parties & engagement shoots at a per hour charge rather than a fixed price. No matter how long you require me for you shall receive all photos taken via a memory stick with at least a dozen carefully edited shots with my style.

Turnaround on photos can be as quick as 3 days depending on how many hours I am booked.


£85.00per hour

second photographer available at additional cost

Silver Package

-Silver Package  £500.00 total

• A free engagement shoot

• Pre-wedding consultation.

• Venue and location research.

• 6 hours of wedding coverage.

• Between 200-500 images provided on a personalised USB Memory stick. 

• An online portfolio of your photos with 24/7 access.

• All images retouched for colour, lighting and B&W adjustments.

• All Images are watermark free

camera Silver.jpg

This package would be perfect for extended events such as birthdays, christenings, parties & weddings. I can end up taking thousands of photos in my shoots so you will receive the photos I have taken along with over 100 images touched up for lighting, colour and B&W. This package secures me for 6 hours and you shall receive the photos a few weeks after the shoot so a quick turnaround is promised.


Second Photographer for 6 hours


Gold Package

This is the ultimate package, gold will make sure I am with you all day long taking as many photos as possible for up to 12 hours. This package will give you a USB stick completely full of memories for you to spend hours looking and laughing your way through. You'll get online access to your own photo album within my website so your photos are forever safe with me and can be viewed by yourself at any point. Gold will also mean you will get my undivided and sole attention on your photos, meaning I will take my time touching up as many as 300+ photos making sure as many as possible are up to the standard you want.


camera gold.jpg

-Gold Package £950.00

• A free engagement shoot

• Pre-wedding consultation.


• Venue and location research.

• All day wedding coverage  ( 12 hours )

• Between 500-1000 images provided on a personalised USB Memory stick.


• An online portfolio of your photos with 24/7 access.

• All images retouched for colour, lighting and B&W adjustments.

• All images watermark free

Second photographer for the day


Additional information about wedding/event bookings

All my wedding packages include an initial meeting in person to discuss any plans or ideas you may have, plus a second, pre-wedding meeting ideally at your chosen venue to really plan out your day. Also with every package you will receive all shots so there is no limit of how many photos you shall get, I do touch as many photos up as I can to make sure lighting and other bits of the photo are up to a high quality, you receive these photos in two forms, one being an online portfolio with 24/7 access and the second is a personalised  USB hard drive.


Along with all this I offer a free engagement shoot a few months before your wedding, which can make for a nice afternoon out at sunset having a laugh and capturing some photos of you and your partner in a more casual setting. 


camera custom.jpg

If you didn't find what you were looking for with the bronze, silver or gold packages email me for a quote on what you require and I will try my best to cater to your needs.


-Pet Package  £65.00

• A free consultation

• Pet photoshoot  ( at least an hour )

• Between 40-50 images provided 


• An online portfolio of your photos with 24/7 access.

• All images retouched for colour, lighting and B&W adjustments.

• All images watermark free


This is a pet photoshoot package were I will come out to a location of your choice to do nothing but capture your furry friend on camera. I have a very colourful style to my shoots with pets, but if you want shots of them all happy and bouncy then I try to capture them really enjoying life, playtime equals great moments for photography, or if you want them all calm in their natural habitat on the sofa sleeping then a more tame approach will be taken. I personally love getting as close as I can possibly get with my 300mm Macro lens so I can really show off those little details in the animal.

check out client albums for some other great animal shoots.

Any and all photos will be given as long as they are not blurry along with a few dozen enhanced to really bring the animal to life in the photo, I promise you will end up framing at least ONE of my photos when I'm done!

Animal Photoshoot plan

£65.00 per hour session


Frequently asked questions

-Which areas do you cover?
• The packages include travel expenses to anywhere within Sussex. However, I am more than happy to travel further but travel expenses will be added extra.

-How can I make a booking and payment?
• The first step is to check my availability.

This can be done by emailing me at

If your happy to proceed with booking there would be a non-refundable deposit depending on the package with the remaining balance needing to be paid 2 weeks prior to wedding or event. This is to secure your given date.

-What happens after a deposit is placed?
• We will arrange a day & time to meet for your first consultation, we would meet at a location of your choice so we can have a proper sit down and go over your plans.

-How and when do I get my images after the event?
• Your images would be provided on a personalised USB flash drive, all images will be watermark free, so you have full printing options. You will receive your images anytime within 4 weeks, this is dependant on how many has been taken and how long it takes me to cycle through them all. on  top of that you would get full online access to a portfolio.

-What if I want you to stay longer than originally agreed on the day?
• If you feel that you would like me to hang around for a bit longer on the day, I would then charge £85 an hour.

-Who owns the images you produce?
• I own the copyright, for use for my website and selected advertising but the images you receive will be watermark free, so your can print as many as you like.

-Do you work alone?
• I do work as a single shooter, but I can supply a second photographer at a fixed additional price, second photographer for silver package is £150.00 and for gold it is £250.00. 
-What happens if we change our wedding or event date?
• If your wedding date is changed, your deposit will transfer to you new date, but if I'm unavailable for your date the deposit would be non-refundable


camera Blue (1)g.jpg

Any other Questions please feel free to email me

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