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Setting My Scene

A bit about me


Hi, my name is Kyle, a freelance photographer from Sussex. I am originally from the Isle of Wight but moved across over ten years ago to build a career in my passion - photography. 


I am family orientated and this year I got married to my wife, Nicola, who you will see across my website. I enjoy taking natural photos particularly when she is not looking, like the photo below of her and our puppy, Ellie who is very photogenic. 


Having previously been a Wedding & Events Coordinator in the past, I know how important timings and deadlines are. As with my own wedding, I strived to keep everything running on time, while delivering photos which are special memories for you.

A bit about my style

My personality and art style can be colourful and expressive. I look for natural moments like a baby laughing, a glance of reflection between a newly married couple or generations of family appreciating the moment.


My task is to capture the moments you love and to deliver absolute professionalism with some bubbly personality thrown into the mix.

With this in mind, I believe it is the perfect blend in providing a calm and organised of love and laughter whether it be a wedding, christening, party or pet photoshoot.


Please feel free to look through my portfolio which I regularly update. There is a section for landscapes which I have taken whilst being at events.  

I hope this has given you a bit more of an insight into who I am as a person and whether or not my style and qualities are a good fit for you.

I look forward to being your photographer of choice.


Best wishes 



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